Besele Moses Moloi

Besele Moses Moloi – New Candidates 2023

Besele Moses Moloi


Head Chef of Zioux, Besele Moses Moloi has been making major moves in the South African culinary scene.

Inspired by the Jamie Oliver Cooking Show in his pursuit of becoming a chef, his resumé includes working at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Florida internationally and locally at the likes of Greenhouse Restaurant, the Saxon Hotel’s Grei Restaurant and, more recently, as head chef at FYN in Cape Town.

Trained in French cuisine. The South American concept was somehow an exciting challenge for him, which he had the most fun researching, learning, and adapting to. 

“When I worked at FYN as the head chef, I did a lot of Japanese cuisine and there are similarities between ceviche and sashimi. So I brought some of my experience of working at FYN and mixed it up with the new concept of doing South American food, blending the two.”

Today Chef Besele Moses Moloi, head chef at Zioux in Sandton, has been identified as one of the most promising chefs of South Africa’s kitchen.

“My short-term personal goal is to strive for greatness with Zioux; to get recognition and awards, and strategically use that to put Zioux on a pedestal that I foresee fit for it. Exciting times ahead!”

Instagram: @chef_moses_moloi @zioux_jhb
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: The Marc, Corner Rivonia and Maude street, Sandton, South Africa

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