Julio Martín Báez

Julio Martín Báez – New Candidates 2023

Julio Martín Báez


Julio Martín Báez is the chef-owner of Julia. Born in Chacabuco, Buenos Aires. At 18 he moved to La Plata to study Biochemistry. Something that often happens with the boys from the towns of the interior, who do not have the possibility of entering the university in their places of origin.

Although he intended to finish the career he had chosen when he left Chacabuco, he quickly got bored and began to study cooking in La. In the provincial capital, his first jobs were at Del Consejo, Durango, and Aureliano restaurants. In between, he spent six months at Estancia Harberton, near Ushuaia, as head chef.

In 2015 he had the opportunity to fulfill a dream, cooking in France and with Mauro Colagreco at Mirazur. 

“An incredible experience, which made me mature professionally as well as open my mind”.

New products and new ideas on the rhythm of the seasons.

Julio has a bold and unique style inspired by simple cuisine with an emphasis on product and influenced by his travels in France and South America. A little Mediterranean, due to his time on the Côte d’Azur and his family influences, but with small details from different cuisines, which seek to surprise the guests. Curious and restless, Julio is always on the lookout for products and new ideas for the menu, which constantly changes to the rhythm of the seasons and what the market offers.

The new blood that inspired this modern bistro.

Julia is a restaurant in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, it is a small bistro with just 22 seats. The Chef takes noble ingredients and combines them with techniques and textures to achieve a balanced dish – balance is the main premise of the restaurant.

The dishes on the menu always combine something acid, something fatty, something spicy, something crunchy, something bitter. Everything flows between contrasts and in no more than 4 or 5 ingredients, all quality and seasonal.

Why Julia? It is the name of Báez’s baby, the new blood that inspired this modern bistro that we hope, in turn, will inspire young chefs in the art of sacrifice and humility.

Instagram: @juliomartinbaez @julia.restaurante
Facebook: julia.restaurante
Restaurant web site: https://juliarestaurante.com.ar/
Restaurant address: Loyola 807, C1414C1414AUQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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