Antonio Romero

Antonio Romero – New Candidates 2023

Antonio Romero


Born in Nules (Castellón), Antonio began studying cooking in 2005 at the Costa Azahar Hotel School, in Grao de Castellón.

Antonio Romero, known as Toni Romero is Suculent’s head chef since its opening. He studied for the Higher Degree in Restaurants and Catering business in Lleida and later went to practices at El Bulli.

In the last month of the internship, he was added to the main staff of el Bulli, as the head of the meat division. In the closing period of el Bulli, he worked in R & D at Arzak restaurant, and he held a stage at Akelarre.

After finishing the last season in El Bulli as station chef, he went to Maison Pic, in Valence, as a station chef as well. Later he had the opportunity to make the offer and the opening of Suculent restaurant, in Barcelona, which opened 6 years ago.

In Suculent he recovers and reinterprets popular flavors brought to the present in terms of execution and concept. Characterized by defined and powerful flavors, giving special importance to juices and broths, its cuisine highlights Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine.

Suculent Restaurant – “Sucar lent

“Slowly dipping defines us, if there’s something to which we give special value at Suculent Restaurant that would be broths and sauces. Almost everything we do at Suculent is thought so you end up dipping it until there’s not a single drop left.”

Instagram: @tonetromero @suculent_restaurant
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Rambla de Raval, 45, Barcelona, Spain

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