Solemann Haddad

Solemann Haddad – New Candidates 2023

Solemann Haddad


The young Chef Patron of the Moonrise restaurant, Dubai.

His cuisine primarily focuses on the use of Japanese & Middle Eastern techniques & ingredients to tell his story of growing up in & around Dubai – a cuisine which he’s dubbed as ‘Dubai Cuisine’. 

In the process of telling the story of Dubai through his dishes, Solemann also shares the story of many others in the industry by focusing heavily on supporting & working with many of the UAE’s homegrown artisans, organic growers, mills, & suppliers. His sourcing philosophy is simple: keep things homegrown by showcasing the diversity of ingredients that this region has to offer, & fill in the gaps with the best from around the world.

“Our experience is served in a chef’s table format, where you would be seated on a counter just inches away from the open kitchen”

Moonrise is an Omakase restaurant located on the rooftop of Eden House, a luxury residential tower on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. A 12-seater multi-course experience that shines the spotlight on the Middle East’s ingredients & culinary stories. Being on a rooftop, our restaurant overlooks the entire city, from the beaches of Jumeirah to the city’s beautiful skyline – setting the perfect vantage point to experience the diverse stories that our region has to offer. 

Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Eden House, Al Satwa, Dubai, UAE

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