Sven Wassmer

Sven Wassmer – New Candidates 2023

Sven Wassmer


The young and brilliantly talented chef behind the restaurant Memories inside Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

“The peace and the unspoiled natural environment of Switzerland’s forests and mountains unlock a treasure trove of creativity in my mind. As a chef, I think it’s important to understand the natural world around you and to know the local farmers and producers who supply your ingredients. We forage for natural products in the surrounding forests and mountains. I am very much at home in the Swiss Alps. “

“My signature cuisine combines Swiss produce with the best ingredients from around the world.”

“Thoughts inspired by nature gradually mature and transform into concrete ideas. Once I know what I want to cook, I have a picture in my head of how it will look and taste. It’s important that everything retains its character. I want our guests to experience the true essence of the produce. My cooking is therefore very stripped back and minimalist.”

“I want to evoke memories and create new ones. My cuisine transcends borders. It’s important to me to combine our local focus with a cosmopolitan outlook.”

“Our only limits are the natural boundaries imposed by the seasons. They determine the quality of the produce, wherever it comes from. In my cooking, I hope that guests can sense that our ingredients are of the finest quality, carefully selected and matured, and ripened to perfection. I want my cooking to evoke happy memories in our guests and create unforgettable new ones. 

To help achieve this, I also resort to traditional techniques such as fermentation, pickling, and drying. Grilling also plays an important role because, when it comes to food preparation, nothing is more primal than the power of fire.”

Instagram: @svenwassmer @wassmermemories
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Sven Wassmer Memories Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Bernhard-Simonstrasse, 7310 Bad Ragaz Switzerland

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