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Kevin Wong – New Candidates 2023

Kevin Wong


Born in Port Klang, Malaysia, Kevin called a street named Jalan Seroja his home. There, he would relish the opportunity to taste his grandmother’s cooking. Raised on a diet of otak-otak, gulai, kerabu, assam prawns, perut ikan, nasi ulam, and more, Kevin has always held the flavors of the Malay Archipelago close to his heart.

Kevin’s illustrious culinary career spans 14 years, where he’s worked in some of the most awarded restaurants in France, San Francisco and of course, Singapore. Most recently as the head chef of Meta Restaurant Singapore. He was recently been awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia award in Arts 2022. At Seroja, he combines his international culinary experience with his affinity for the flavors of the Malay Archipelago.

The restaurant shares the same name as the lotus flower in Malay, a significant cultural symbol for various peoples in the Malay Archipelago region. “To me, it represents the commonality in our diversity, how we are similar yet different, and the beauty of this harmony.”

“The name is also near and dear to my heart. When my great-grandfather moved from East Asia to Klang, Malaysia, he made a street called Jalan Seroja his home, and my family still resides there to this day.

At Seroja, I celebrate the familiar flavors of the Malay Archipelago that I grew up with and am continuously inspired by. Our food and beverages use spices and herbs that are native to the region that give our food its distinctive character.

We take pride in working collaboratively with growers, fishermen, craftsmen, and artisans from around the Malay Archipelago, many of whom are the last bastions of their trade. You’ll find their hard work featured throughout the dining experience as it truly takes a village to make my dreams for Seroja come true.”

Instagram: @kevinwongxx
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: 7 Fraser Street 01-30/31/32/33 Duo Galleria Singapore 189356

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