Massimiliano Alajmo

Massimiliano Alajmo – New Candidates 2023

Massimiliano Alajmo


Born in 1974, Max came into the world with an innate culinary and cultural curiosity. Together with his brother Raffaele (Raf) and sister Laura, he is a part of the third generation of the Alajmo family self-employed as chefs and restaurateurs. 

After attending hotel management school, Max furthered his culinary education in the kitchens of important European chefs like Alfredo Chiocchetti of Ja Navalge in Moena, Marc Veyrat of Auberge de l’Eridan in Veyrier-du-Lac, and Michel Guérard of Les Près d’Eugenie in Eugénie-les-Bains.

Upon his return to Italy, Max started working alongside his mother Rita in the kitchen at Le Calandre. On March 13, 1994, Max was appointed executive chef of Le Calandre and Raf took over as manager. The heart and headquarters of the Alajmo group, Le Calandre was originally opened in 1981 by Erminio Alajmo and Rita Chimetto.

The Alajmo brothers work passionately to achieve their ambition of turning their parents’ modest restaurant into one of the best in the world. 

Despite his young age Massimo started to have several important and international recognition. Twenty years later, Max can still be found in the kitchen at Le Calandre, the heart and culinary laboratory of the Alajmo restaurant group that today counts 14 restaurants located between Padua, Venice, H-Farm (Treviso), Paris, and Marrakech.

Lightness, depth of flavor, and fluidity make up the foundation of Max’s cuisine. Inspiration for his distinctive dishes comes from looking at the world with a childlike curiosity and sense of discovery, as well as his continuous and in-depth research of ingredients.

Instagram: @alajmo
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Via Liguria, 1, 35030 Rubano PD, Italy

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