Jonathan Tam

Jonathan Tam – New Candidates 2023

Jonathan Tam


Canadian-born Chef based in Copenhagen, today chef-owner of the Restaurant Jatak.

Tam’s journey from his native Edmonton should have taken him to several great kitchens in Europe, but he loved Noma and became chef de partie, staying much longer than anticipated. During this experience Tam met Christian Puglisi, a fundamental acquaintance for him, since years later he will be at the helm of his restaurant Relæ.

In this new experience, Tam works focusing on the raw material and products served directly from the restaurant’s “Farm of Ideas,” 40 minutes from central Copenhagen.

“Our main inspiration at Relæ came from our farm. We had our first harvest of vegetables last spring. This has led us in a new direction. It is our close day-to-day relationships with farmers that predicts what goes on to the menu”.

In January 2022, he opened Jatak, his first restaurant, in an intimate spot hidden away in the suburbs of the city. “An experience created with local ingredients and inspired by the cultural heritage of our team.”

The experienced chef Jonathan Tam here offers exciting, modern dishes with strong Asian flavors, expertly crafted from top-quality Danish ingredients. The name of the restaurant means “yes, please” in Danish. “Each day they find new ways to better themselves and also make a better experience for the guests”.

Instagram: @jtam1342 @jatakcph
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Rantzausgade 39, 2200 København, Denmark

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