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René Frank – New Candidates 2023

René Frank


René Frank is one of the most renowned pastry chefs. After working in Spain, France, Japan, the USA, and Switzerland, René worked for several years as head patissier at the awarded restaurant La Vie in Osnabrück.

Throughout his career, René always remained true to himself. He followed his impulses and only did what inspired him. He thinks progressively, experiments boldly, and creates unprecedented desserts. In terms of taste, René is always on the lookout for the best possible natural aromas that remind him of his childhood. There was always a lot of cooking and baking in his family. In his home garden there were carrots and blackberries with such an intense taste that he wants to bring exactly such unforgettable moments of enjoyment to the plates in the here and now and make them tangible for everyone.

In 2016, he opened CODA, Germany’s first and only dessert restaurant, in Berlin.

As head chef, René opened CODA in Berlin in 2016 and broke new ground: the concept of dessert fine dining is unique and the team’s outstanding cooking skills were awarded a Michelin star in 2019. A year later, the second star followed, which has endured to this day.

René Frank clearly shows with every single dessert that the modern patisserie deserves a more present place in the culinary art than just appearing in the last course of a menu. At CODA, the conventional fine-dining degree is given the raison d’être to be the center of attention.

This trend-setting understanding dessert is made possible by the greatly reduced use of sugar. Milk, cream, and butter are also no longer main ingredients. At CODA, the patisserie is rethought: different ingredients, extraordinary aromas, exciting textures, and light and wholesome combinations that are pleasantly sweet, but never sugar-sweet.

While refined sugar is indispensable in classic patisserie, star chef René Frank relies exclusively on completely natural sweetening power. That is, instead of adding artificial sugar to the food, only those products are used, which already naturally bring a certain sweetness. And there are more of them than you think: corn, beetroot, carrots, fermented rice – the list goes on and on. The highlight is the specialized processing technology. In CODA, the natural sugar content is worked out in such a way that it can be used optimally.

The result is progressive desserts with a completely new image: light, aromatically complex, and significantly lower in calories than their traditional relatives. Made from high quality, organic and sustainable products.

Instagram: @frank.rene @codaberlin
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Restaurant address: Friedelstraße 47, 12047 Berlin, Germany

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