#LEGEND21: Alfonso Iaccarino

Alfonso Iaccarino


Chef and owner of 2-Michelin Star Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant and hotel located in the centre of the charming and peaceful village of San’tAgata sui due Golfi in Sorrento, Italy.

He comes from a family of hoteliers. The Iaccarino family has been in business for four generations. Hotel Iaccarino was founded in 1890.

After obtaining his high school diploma, Alfonso attended the hotel school in Stresa for three years. His passion for food became apparent at a very young age. At the family hotel, after the chef left, he enjoyed inventing recipes for dinner dishes.

The cuisine of “Don Alfonso 1890” was created out of love and respect for the cuisine traditions of the region. Every dish served in the restaurant is carefully researched and contains the purest ingredients, also for this reason Alfonso grows his own herbs, fruits and vegetables (including olives for the production of extra virgin olive oil) on his farm “Le Peracciole”. As an initiator of the farm-to-table movement, he has immersed himself in the art of farming in order to share his passion for organic food with their community. This style of cuisine is both conventional and symbolic, as the farm-to-table approach is deeply rooted in their Italian heritage.