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Ana Roš

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Ana Roš is a Slovenian chef, a sport and travel enthusiast, polyglot and much more. She graduated in international and diplomatic science in Italy. She is a self-taught cook and with her cuisine she wants to express the seasons, the locality, but also herself, her travels and femininity. As a self-taught chef, Ana doesn’t adhere to any particular culinary style. Her cuisine is firmly based on the environment that provides all the produce and endless source of inspiration.

Cooking is like painting

She left her career in diplomacy to become a cook. After years of travelling and soaking up the experience Ana Roš established her own, distinctive voice. Her cuisine is expressive, intense and unorthodox, her philosophy is simple – follow the nature. Take what the season offers, combine the unexpected, don’t be afraid to take risks. When you come to her restaurant, the first rule is: try to relax, enjoy and put aside any prejudice you might have. When she can fully express her culinary vision and the unique terroir, Ana can create magic.

“As I see it, the kitchen is a symbiosis of 3 elements: the territory, the season and the personality of the chef. Cooking is a lot like painting – and if you take away my colors, I have nothing to paint with. If you really want to experience the real expression of my cuisine, go with the flow and let us serve you our food, no restrictions, no limitations.”

Ana Roš

Hiša Franko experience

Hiša Franko dues its existence to traditions and local environment of the lush Soča Valley – harsh, remote, but breathtakingly beautiful. Set at the foothills of the towering mountains and next to the emerald river Hiša Franko’s cuisine sources from what the nature has to offer. The restaurant is closely knit with the community of foragers, shepherds, cheese makers, hunters and fishermen. It’s an area abundant with trout, deer, goats, fruits and wild plants that we incorporate in our plates on the daily bases. The diet in these parts was always dairy and meat based, so expect a lot of cheese and all its by-products on the menu.


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Restaurant address: Hiša Franko, Staro selo 1, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia