Floriano Pellegrino

Bros’, Italy

Floriano Pellegrino, born in Scorrano in 1990. Italian chef and owners of the Bros’ restaurant, one Michelin star in Lecce, Salento. His passion for cooking was born within the walls of his home. His family use to run a farmhouse in his hometown, Scorrano. From an early age, he showed a strong predisposition for food and cooking and he supported in the management of the family business together with his two brothers. After completing his hotel studies, he left Salento to travel throughout Europe, landing in the most important starred kitchens with Luis Andoni Aduriz, Eneko Atxa, Alexandre Gauthier, Rene Redzepi and the French Claude Bosi in London. Among all the experiences, the one at the court of the chef Martin Berasategui has greatly marked his professional and human path, acquiring the necessary attitude to become a complete and contemporary chef in a short time.