Disfrutar – Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch


Disfrutar – Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch – it has been nearly two decades since Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch met in 2003, in the kitchens of the infamous restaurant el Bulli, under the tutelage of Ferran Adrià. Having all been inspired by their families to cook from an early age, el Bulli was the perfect opportunity for these Spanish/Catalan chefs to forge their early careers on their native soil with the guidance of a world-famous chef of molecular gastronomy. Before the restaurant’s closure in 2011, all three chefs had risen in the ranks to hold top positions within el Bulli’s creative team. It therefore seemed only natural that the trio would continue as a tight unit and become business partners with their own venture. They had all shared a long-standing idea to open their own restaurant along Spain’s Costa Brava, so in 2012 they took the plunge, and Compartir was born. With Compartir becoming a quick success, the trio decided to open their second establishment, Disfrutar, just two years later. Disfrutar, which means, “enjoy”, made its home in Barcelona and aimed to provide guests with the ultimate level of enjoyment through its creative cuisine. Disfrutar is place where experimental cuisine happens. The chefs propose extraordinary food to their guests with their innovative and avant-garde tasting menu.