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Is science necessary for gastronomy? Does gastronomy use science on a daily basis? Of course! Science and gastronomy are areas that definitely go hand in hand. You can find out more about it through cooking demonstrations as well as speeches by amazing chefs and scientists. The main topics are sustainability and the latest technologies and innovative devices from the world of fine dining.

New technologies in gastronomy - Juan Manuel Umbert Rosselló - FMS2020

The Science behind Chocolate - Antonio Bachour - FMS2020

How to experience food with all our senses? - prof. Charles Spence - FMS2020

A Taste of Sustainability - Michal Bitterman - FMS2020

Holistic Cuisine - Rasmus Munk - FMS2020

The planet is our home - Manu Buffara - FMS2020

The gastronomic vanguard - Paco Roncero - FMS2020

Ancient methods in our kitchen - Virgilio Martinez - FMS2020