Food Meets Science 2019

Food Meets Science – 23rd and 24th of September 2019

Food Meets Science is an interdisciplinary project supported by The Best Chef. The main idea of Food Meets Science symposium is an exchange between science and cooking with a view to shedding light on what is really happening in our brain when we eat and how our brain influences food choice.

​Food Meets Science tries to find answers to different questions – from general ones: What is the difference between taste and flavor? How smell and taste are interacting together? Why do we like one thing and another is disgusting for us? to more specific ones like: What happens in your brain when you’re looking at a food? Is the genetic profile of the diners important in designing gastronomic experiences?

Questions like these forms a part of the rich debate that takes place among the experts, with the aim of exploring to what extent science can give a response to the questions that emerge from the chefs’ observations in the kitchen and also to what point these observations may give rise to new lines of research. Food Meets Science unites two disciplines: science and cooking.

​Food Meets Science is organized and promoted by The Best Chef.

​Fellow scientists from all over the world collaborate with renewed chefs.