Jaume Makeat

Jaume Makeat

Barcelona, Spain

Makeat is a technology-based StartUp, which was born in 2018 with the aim of revolutionizing and helping the world of gastronomy through innovation and technology, developing a digital manufacturing center dedicated to the future of gastronomy, being pioneers in this discipline.

We have our own working methodology with which we transform our clients’ ideas into real products that allow them to differentiate and personalize their gastronomic offer.

The history and concept behind each of our projects is essential to achieve not only a perfect result, but also to attract the consumer emotionally by linking the product with the study of tastes of our target.

Our extensive knowledge of 3D printing and other technologies helps us to adapt them to the gastronomic sector, while challenging us to achieve new products that would be impossible without these technologies. And at the same time, improve the production processes to be more efficient. The final product, therefore, must cover the needs of the client, have the adequate materials to be able to manufacture it and achieve it in a much more efficient way.