Diego Prado

Diego Prado


He always been between science and cooking, working almost all his career in research and development departments in world acclaimed universities and restaurants.

Currently working on research projects involving insects, by-products from the seafood- and wine industry, food waste from the restaurant, invasive species both plants and animal, sensory analysis, arts and alchemy.

Was for 5 years coordinator of BCulinaryLAB a kitchen/laboratory in the research and development department in Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian, Spain. A pioneer faculty and research center driven dedicated to promoting the socioeconomic potential of gastronomy through education, research and innovation, researcher in topic such as fermentation, wild edible plants and food waste using new techniques from product development with gastronomical value. Having the opportunity to do lectures in world known universities like Harvard (EEUU) or Hattori (Japan), to name a few.

Chilean born, studied in DuocUC in Santiago de Chile, starts his career in Boragó (Santiago, Chile) being sous chef in the R&D department, after pass a time at Noma in Copenhaguen, Denmark, best restaurant in the world in four years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, starts his own studio in Santiago, Prado.Taller in Santiago de Chile.