Dr. Marleen Onwezen

Wageningen University & Research

Studied social psychology at Tilburg University and received her PhD on emotions and sustainable consumer choices in 2014.

She works for 12 years as a senior researcher at Wageningen Economic Research. She is a figurehead and strategic senior scientist who sets the research agenda for consumer behaviour. Additionally, she manages large scale projects that focus on consumer choices for sustainable and healthy food, aiming to answer how consumer choices can be explained and guided. For example acceptance of alternative proteins, monitoring acceptance of food sector and food transitions. She is figurehead of the Dutch Scientifc Agenda (NWA) competent consumers. She is part of the core team healthy and safe food systems of WUR. Topics she works with are for example alternative proteins, emotions, social norms, values, habits and social identification. She explores these topics via traditional quantitative research methods (e.g., survey and experiment) or novel technologies like a virtual supermarket or mobile applications.