Manuel Kälin

Luma Delikatessen

Member of the management board Luma Delikatessen. He started his career in a chemical company and then studied Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Zürich. In this time, he developed meat products for Luma Beef. This successful cooperation between the online butchery Luma and the research centre led to an employment at Luma.

As a food lover and a member of the management board, he’s guiding the company in different fields, doing product researches and setting new meat trends. Luma Delikatessen is the brainchild of long-time friends Lucas Oechslin and Marco Tessaro. These young entrepreneurs age fresh meat using a special mold culture to create products of the very highest quality. The secret of Luma lies in a combination of traditional methods with the latest biotechnology. Slow maturing of meat and a natural refining by mold. This gives these extraordinary cuts of meat their distinctive aroma and unique taste. As an international patent holder Luma got connected worldwide and in just a few short years, their passion for meat has become an emblem of high-quality food.