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The Best Chef FoodArt Award

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Natsuko Shoji


Food art Natsuko Shoji

Natsuko Shoji spent her formative years training under Hiroyasu Kawate of Florilège before opening her cake laboratory, Été, in Shibuya.

After proving her virtuosity in creating sophisticated desserts a cult following was built quickly around the Japanese chef for her showstopping pastry dishes that draw inspiration from haute couture.

Shoji became the darling of both the fashion and cake cognoscenti, making a name amongst celebrities and renowned chefs. Her signature jewellery box cakes show a deep appreciation for seasonality, featuring some of Japan’s most prized fruits.

Shoji’s creativity and skill has helped grow Été – in December 2019, the small cake shop expanded into a six-seat, exclusive, “intimate and indulgent” restaurant that serves an intricate 10-course menu of savory courses and her signature desserts. Shoji is also known for her salted tart topped with Hokkaido Sea urchin and mimolette cheese; tilefish with white asparagus soup and kegeni crab meat; and Akagyu beef with truffle sauce and bone broth jus.

Été is the French word for summer, is a reference to the chef’s first name Natsuko, the kanji characters for which mean “summer child“. Her signature cake, Fleurs d’ été or “summer flowers” – stunning in presentation and the perfect demonstration of her incredible techniques – reflects the chef herself, whose beautiful smile fills guests with joy and vitality.



été, 代々木上原羽田ビル 3 Chome-23-1 Nishihara,

Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0066, Japan