#FOLLOWERS21: Manu Buffara

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Manoella “Manu” Buffara

from Brazil


Paving the way for gastronomy in Brazil, Manu celebrates the culture and produce unique to the region of Paraná.

How was it beginning?

Her passion for cooking came from her family, especially from her father. She grew up in a farm, surrounded by goats, cows, plants, corn fields. She has learned how to appreciate the land and the animals, as well as everything they have to offer.

From journalism to fine dining

Formerly studying journalism, Manu found her passion for cooking, realizing her way of communicating was not through words but taste. Inspired by her family and background, Manu learned the value of land and animals growing up in the countryside. She incorporates this in her everyday technique.

Celebration of culture and local products

At Manu, she uses organic ingredients from carefully selected suppliers and her own garden.

“For me cooking is an expression of love, knowledge, technique, authenticity and respect. Respect for the product, for the farmer, for the chef, for my apron and my family. My relationship with the vegetables is deep because they are my inspiration. I believe that we can change the diet of a nation by taking small actions which begin on the earth and inside our houses.

I fight for the quality of the food, for the diversity and for the work of our local farmers from our state. My food is a way of defending my philosophy and a way of telling a story. ”

Sustainability way of living

Manu’s devotion to sustainability and quality ingredients stems into her commitment to Curitiba, working with local communities to transform abandoned sites into urban gardens and educating locals on how to care for the gardens and feed themselves


Restaurante Manu

Alameda Dom Pedro II, 317 - Batel

Curitiba - PR, 80420-060