Voting Rules


Digital Voting System: 

A new digital survey system has been implemented to streamline the voting process, ensuring a more efficient and transparent selection mechanism. On-line survey will be open for votes for 2 weeks. Each voter can cast one vote. Chefs cannot vote for themselves. All votes are verified. Voting procedure is strictly confidential and the survey must be completed by the intended recipient – votes as well as the fact that someone is a voter is confidential and cannot be shared or discussed with anyone.

Expansion of Voter Base: 

The number of voters has increased from 350 to 568, comprising 348 chefs and 220 professionals from various sectors including food journalists and gastronomy experts. This expansion ensures a more diverse and inclusive reflection of the global culinary scene.

Introduction of a Tiered Recognition System:

Abandoning traditional rankings based on numerical positions, The Best Chef now adopts a more nuanced tiered system using one, two, or three knives to indicate a chef’s level of excellence:

  • Three Knives (THE BEST): Awarded to chefs achieving 80% or more of the maximum possible points, indicating top-tier culinary mastery.
  • Two Knives (WORLD CLASS): Signifying world-class status, awarded to those achieving 40% or more of the maximum points.
  • One Knife (EXCELLENT): For chefs who achieve 20% or more of the maximum points, representing excellent culinary skills.

Podium for the World’s Top 3 Chefs

In a significant shift from previous years, only the world’s top three chefs will be featured on the podium, highlighting their exceptional contributions to the culinary world.

Voting Process Enhancements:

Voters will be encouraged to select their top ten favourite chefs, with a mandatory selection of three chefs from their own country. Each chef can receive between 100 to 1000 points, reflecting the voter’s preference. Further, voters may assign additional points based on specific culinary attributes such as cooking technique, flavour mastery, scientific innovation, sustainability, and creativity. As part of our commitment to transparency, voters will be required to share photos, bills, or reservation confirmation details to validate their selections upon request.

First part:

Vote for 10 favorite chefs (three of them must be from voter’s country). Assign to each chef 1000-100 points – 1000 points for The Best. Voter can only vote once for each chef. Upon request, you might be asked to share photos, bills, or reservation confirmation details from visits by these chefs to validate your selections.

Second part:

Vote for chefs who excel in specific areas/skills that should characterize the Best

Voter can vote for the same chef that was voted for on the first page. You can vote for the same chef more than once.

  1. Vote for a chef (one choice) who most influences or has influenced the history of contemporary cuisine 500 points.
  2. Vote for a  chef (one choice) who is the best in cooking techniques 500 points.
  3. Vote for a chef (one choice) who is the best in flavours 500 points.
  4. Vote for a chef (one choice) who uses best science 500 points.
  5. Vote for a chef (one choice) who is the best in territorial identity linked with farmers/ sustainability 500 points.
  6. Vote for a chef (one choice) who is the best in creativity 500 points.
  7. Vote for a chef (one choice) who offers the most unique dining experience 500 points.
  8. Vote for a chef (one choice) who is the best in connecting food & art 500 points.

A curation of special award categories will also allow voters to recognise chefs who have made significant contributions in specific areas.