Fatmata Binta

Fatmata Binta

Fulani Kitchen

Curating Founder / Executive Chef Fulani Kitchen.

Born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to first generation Sierra Leonean Fulanis of Guinean descent, Binta self describes herself as a modern nomadic chef. At Fulani Kitchen, she combines her nomadic Fulani roots, classical training and love for rural life and nature. Her dishes and pop up diners are authentic, modern and environmentally engaged. By creating a traditional setting, sharing various aspects of Fulani culture and serving ancient grains, indigenous spices and other exciting West-African ingredients in an interactive way, Binta triggers all senses and takes you to an extraordinary world. Chef Binta, draws on her heritage for inspiration: “Community is very important as food goes from farm to the mat, where people eat the food, and that means a lot.”

Binta has her roots in Fulani culture – a group of people that stretch across borders and cover the width of the African continent.  She has spent years studying the cultural history of food, spices and agricultural products from West Africa, including millet, dawadawa and fonio. These ingredients form part of the region’s identity and have a history that connects not just to the culture of its inhabitants, but to migration and trade with other parts of the continent.

Fonio is of particular interest to Binta. This ancient grain not only tethers the plate to a geographic location but will also forms the foundation block for Fulani Kitchen’s menus.