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Ciro Salvo



A Master of Dough

He is famous for timeless, one of the most loved Neapolitan pizzas. Ciro Salvo is the third generation of master pizzamakers from a renowned family. His research on extremely hydrated dough has resulted in awards and recognition from the most renowned national and international food critics. He puts particular emphasis on the lightness and easy digestibility of the dough.

50 means bread

In Naples since 2014, 50 Kalò opened in London in July 2018, and in Rome in July 2022. 50 is a number that in the Neapolitan tradition of interpreting dreams, means “bread” (or “dough ball”). Kalò in the ancient spoken language of pizzamakers means “good”. The name 50 Kalò (good dough ball) became the brand that instantly showed the synthesis of his work, his research as a pizza master. Ciro Salvo makes his dough with a carefully selected flour blend, loads (really loads!) of water, and a very slow, long fermentation. Pizza created with this mastery needs to be topped only with the very best ingredients. The menu changes according to seasonally available ingredients. 

We can characterize Ciro Salvo’s pizza by tradition, simplicity, and a quest for perfection. The Extra Virgin Olive oil, different varieties that have been selected among the very best in Campania, is added to the pizza only at the end of the baking, on the plate. Chef Ciro only uses organic tomatoes: Peeled San Marzano, Corbarino, and Piennolo varieties by Casa Marrazzo. He selects other products are carefully as well, like DOP and IGP – products that include Provolone del Monaco, Ciauscolo Spredable Salami, Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months, as well as regional food rarities like Slow Food Presidium’s Castelpoto Cured Sausage and Paternopoli Apriliatico Broccolis.

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Instagram: @cirosalvo50kalo @50kalo 

Restaurant website:

Restaurant address: 50 Kalò – Piazza Sannazaro 201/B – 80123 Naples, Italy

50 Kalò Roma – via Flavia n.3, Rome, Italy

50 Kalò London – 7 Northumberland Ave, Westminster, London WC2N 5BY, UK