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About The Best Pizza – FAQ

What is The Best Pizza? How does it work this year?

We started with a list of about 70 Pizza Chefs selected by the voters in 2022, plus 70 Pizza Chefs who were selected by a group of 60 professionals, including food journalists, critics, bloggers, photographers and other notable people (with a gender balance), all with extensive knowledge and love for Pizza. The nationality of the voters represents the current global “Pizzeria” scene as equitably as possible, spanning all continents (Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Australia).

What is the voting process?

The complete list, created based on the 2022 and 2023 selections, was voted on with active participation from the Pizza Chefs themselves and the group of selected professionals. Along with the vote for The Best Pizza Top100 list, the voters decided the winners for 7 new Special Awards, by voting for their “Bests” in 7 different categories.  

The voting takes place via a secure online survey where each member is sent a unique link with a simple voting process. For the Top100 list, each person can vote for 10 Pizza chefs, choosing from a drop-down list and using a point system ranging from 10 to 100. For the special award, each voter can vote for two Pizza chefs – the first will be awarded 100 points, the second 50 points.

Pizza Chefs cannot vote for themselves. Once the survey has been completed and submitted, it cannot be changed. The Best Chef organization has no access to the results until the voting period has ended. All votes are registered in the system and verified. 

The Top100 list and winners of special categories will be revealed on 24/09/2023 on our social media accounts and website of The Best Chef Awards.

Does a Pizza Chef have to fit certain criteria?

No. Pizza Chefs are not required to fulfill any particular criteria such as a specific duration of work experience or having received culinary accolades. Any Pizzaiolo around the world can be nominated as long as they have been actively working during the voting period. 

Can you apply to the list?

We receive many emails, requests from different sources, letting us know about amazing chefs all over the world, and we are thrilled about that. In a way, it helps us and makes it easier to spot talent, though it does not translate into being included in the shortlist for voting. You can share information with us about a talented Pizza Chef who, in your opinion, deserves to be on the list by sending an email to: