The 6th edition of THE BEST CHEF AWARDS powered by Perlage returns to Spain. This time it will be on September 18, 19 and 20 in the capital city – Madrid. As usual, the great international gastronomic event will include the AREA TALKS debates, the FOOD MEETS SCIENCE conference and will close with the grand AWARDS GALA where we will discover this year’s list of the best 100 chefs in the world.

The sixth edition of The Best Chef Awards powered by Perlage, which will be held from September 18 to 20 with the support of the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid, will bring together the cream of world cuisine in the capital.

Madrid is in full culinary ascension and boiling to the rhythm set by the kitchens of its most outstanding restaurants and the pride of currently having three representatives shining with their own light in the main list of The Best Chef, who accumulate distinctions and good positions in the most prestigious international guides and lists. And the cadence does not show signs of decay, since Madrid will once again show itself as the world capital of gastronomy from September 18 to 20, dates chosen to celebrate the sixth edition of The Best Chef Awards powered by Perlage there, with the collaboration of the City Council of the capital and the Community of Madrid.

For three days, the magnificent meeting will be a true magnet that will gather international news attention and will bring together the cream of the world gastronomy, chefs, journalists, and gastronomes.


The Best Chef

THE BEST CHEF works every day to promote gastronomy and the talent of chefs, in a fresh, modern and inclusive way, and Madrid city and the region of Madrid are a choice that perfectly reflects these values. A vibrant destination and an undeniable gastronomic capital of the world.

Madrid city and the region are amazing – full of culture, flavors, amazing chefs, and projects worth sharing. Every time we visit, we leave in awe of the gastronomic level and for us it is an honor to be able to host the next edition of The Best Chef Awards there”, states Joanna Slusarczyk, one of the creators of THE BEST CHEF.

“I could not imagine a better combination than meeting the top-level kitchen and our Perlage water. And all this in the wonderful, lively Madrid and the region – famous for its sophisticated style and top-quality cuisine. For Perlage, it is a natural environment, and I am excited that guests from all over the world will be able to take part in this amazing event and culinary journey with us”, said Dorota Weka, Co-founder and Creative Director Perlage Brand.


Food Meets Science – is science necessary for gastronomy? Does gastronomy use science on a daily basis? Of course! Science and gastronomy are areas that definitely go hand in hand. This year Food Meets Science will take place on September 19th, you will be able to find out more about it through cooking demonstrations as well as speeches by amazing chefs and scientists.

The main topic is “Avant-Garde and Awareness”. Be prepared for a lot of interesting talks and amazing cooking shows!


Area Talks – hot discussions, universal topics and current issues and politically not correct zone – yes, it is Area Talks – this year on 18th of September.

Two inspiring discussion panels with experts from around the world sharing inspirational ideas, innovative solutions, and exciting experiences – this is just a short summary of what awaits you in Madrid. We will connect live with chefs, journalists, foodies, and marketers from all continents. We will discuss current topics as well as universal content.