The Best Chef 2022

Dabiz Muñoz


The Best Chef

Spanish chef Dabiz Muñoz renews his title of Best Chef in the World during The Best Chef Awards gala powered by Perlage, held today at the Palacio de Cibeles. The 12 special awards, apart from the expected Top 100, point out the merit in different fields of Dabiz Muñoz himself, Antonio Bachour, Ana Roš, Anne-Sophie Pic, Natsuko Shoij, Josh Niland, Jessica Rosval, Riccardo Camanini, Franco Pepe, Pierre Koffmann and Andoni Luis Aduriz. The sixth edition of The Best Chef Awards powered by Perlage and jointly supported by the City Council and the Community of Madrid, has brought together the most outstanding professionals in world gastronomy for three days.


Food Meets Science – is science necessary for gastronomy? Does gastronomy use science on a daily basis? Of course! Science and gastronomy are areas that definitely go hand in hand. This year Food Meets Science took place on September 19th, and was full of great presentations, cooking demonstrations as well as speeches by amazing chefs and scientists.

The main topic is “Avant-Garde and Awareness”.


Area Talks – hot discussions, universal topics and current issues and politically not correct zone – yes, it is Area Talks – this year on 18th of September.

Two inspiring discussion panels with experts from around the world sharing inspirational ideas, innovative solutions, and exciting experiences – this is just a short summary of what awaits you in Madrid. We will connect live with chefs, journalists, foodies, and marketers from all continents. We will discuss current topics as well as universal content.