About us

The Best Chef wants to be a bridge between the pastpresentfuture

What is The Best Chef?

The Best Chef is a vibrant, world community of passionate food lovers. A project dedicated to celebrating the many talented chefs that create the best food experiences around the world, as well as being a global family of like-minded individuals that share culinary adventures. A common space where the old guard shares the core of the craft with the next generation, who in return inspires new ways of thinking.

Who created The Best Chef?

Polish neuroscientist Joanna Slusarczyk and Italian gastronomist Cristian Gadau, in 2015.

Why The Best Chef?

The Best Chef’s goal is to globally unite the best thinkers and leaders in the world of gastronomy and fine dining and highlight their process. Not only to their peers, but to everybody, also as examples for future generations who can learn and build on their ideas.

How does The Best Chef obtain, curate and share knowledge?

Throughout the years The Best Chef has created different ways of uniting the foremost within gastronomy by offering a solid platform where chefs can bring knowledge and experience to the table, offer inspiration and create debate. Moreover, The Best Chef brings cultures together through food, technology, sustainability, trends, ingredients, expertise, science, and most of all, the humans who make it happen through their own experiences.

The Best Chefs Awards, Area Talks, Food Meets Science, its social media and website all work as a massive melting pot of information available for everyone that is interested in the culinary world.

When was the Best Chefs Awards created?

In 2017, The Best Chef expanded its offering by creating the The Best Chef Awards: a ranking focused on chefs. The awards were initially held in Warsaw in 2017, in Milan in 2018, Barcelona in 2019 and in 2020 virtually over three days due to the global pandemic.

What sets The Best Chef Awards apart from other culinary rankings?

The Best Chef put persons first: THE CHEFS. The gastronomic world often focuses on the restaurant or the location; The Best Chef tries to shift that, highlighting the chef, his or her approach to food and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

What does The Best Chef look for in a chef?

We look for creativity, intelligence, passion, innovation, sustainability. Of course, a Best Chef Award winner must create amazing food, but that is not enough anymore. We are looking for a modern chef, a leader, and one that elevates food with technology or science, or one that makes a positive social impact through his kitchen, for example. A role model of hard work that can serve as a guide to new generations of curious new talent.

Can you apply to The Best Chef ranking?

We receive many emails, requests from different sources, letting us know about amazing chefs all over the world, and we are thrilled about that. In one way, it helps us and makes it easier to spot talent, however that does not translate into being included in the shortlist for voting.

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