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The Voting Rules

Every year, The Best Chef publishes a list of the top 100 chefs in the world based on unbiased opinions from chefs and professionals. The criteria to be selected as one of the best chefs are a high level of talents, special and innovative contemporary cuisine, an eco-friendly and sustainable approach that works in harmony with nature, and a vision for future trends in gastronomy. Voters vote for chefs based on their achievements, work, and attitude.

The Best Chef is all-inclusive.

Voting information:

  • Candidates are selected by anonymous associates of The Best Chef; in addition, chefs (in the voting questionnaire) as well as all others (by contacting The Best Chef via the website) can give information about a candidate who could be nominated for the next Top100 list.
  • Every year at the end of March, the names of 100 new candidates for the Top100 list are published.
  • Chefs from last year’s list, the candidates for the current Top100 list, and over 100 anonymous professionals (foodies, photographers, journalists) from around the world are able to vote for chefs on the Top100 list. Voting is anonymous and done via a special questionnaire sent personally to each individual eligible to vote. One voter has one vote.
  • Each voter selects 10 chefs from the list. These chefs are awarded 100 to 1000 points. (1000 points is the highest score given to the chef that the voter considers to be the best chef in the world.)
  • Voting takes place from the end of May. Voters have one month to cast their vote, and once a vote is cast, it cannot be modified.
  • Chefs cannot vote for themselves.
  • Chefs’ votes make up 70% of the final result; professionals’ votes make up 30% of the final results.
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