Francesco Capece

Francesco Capece


Francesco Capece

Francesco was born and began his career in Campania where he lives today. He started to learn his profession in 2010 when his father, together with his brother, decided to open a pizzeria in Salerno. It was an opportunity for Francesco to learn the profession of pizza maker. Unfortunately, the business did not achieve the desired success.

From that moment on, Francesco Capece gained work experience in his town, in Filetta di San Cipriano Picentino, in Salerno and its province, and also a brief experience in the States.

From a takeaway to the famous pizzeria

His first real entrepreneurial experience came when he took over “La Locanda dei Feudi”, located right in Filetta, in the province of Salerno. The adventure began with takeaway pizza and a few seats. With a great desire to improve himself, study, and research, Francesco managed to prepare gastronomic proposals that attracted many pizza enthusiasts to his small town. In a few years, he totally abandoned the takeaway service and placed La Locanda dei Feudi next to the best pizzerias in Italy in the most coveted guides of gastronomy.

The arrive to Milan

2023 is an important year for Francesco, he arrived in Milan with a new pizzeria, Confine Pizza e Cantina, modern in style, and a wine list worthy of the best restaurants, ready to tell his story to a new audience. A few months after the opening in Milan he announced the closure of his restaurant in Salerno to be able to devote all his attention to the new project.

“We work with a living product that changes through what surrounds us, there is a need for a sensitivity that goes far beyond the standards to return to savor that sense of tradition and conviviality that we all need”

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Francesco Capece

Instagram: @pizzamaker_francesco_ @confine_milano

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Restaurant address: Confine, Piazza Guglielmo Massaia, 20123 Milano MI, Italy