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The story of Francesco and his Pizzeria “I Masanielli” begins in the early 2000s together with his brother Sasà, his sister Sabina, and his mother, in Caserta, a province among the provinces of Southern Italy.

The science of pizza

It’s 2001. I Masanielli is a small pizzeria that does take-out only. It may not be much but it is Francesco Marticci’s world, his laboratory of experiments, the place where his ideas begin to shine. In 2012, I Masanielli moved to a basement in Viale Lincoln 7. Novelty: the seats. Not many, just 70, but enough to dream. The place begins to look like a traditional pizzeria, even if the pizza it offers is anything but traditional.

Among the difficulties of the beginnings, that tiny L-shaped room became something different and unexpected. For the people who entered, it was a pizzeria like any other. Year after year more customers came. The growth of the place went hand in hand with Francesco’s professional one.

A hidden treasue of Caserta

I Masanielli quickly became a point of reference, a small hidden treasure in the province of Southern Italy.

In 2017, the current restaurant was opened in Viale Douhet 11, a stone’s throw from the Reggia vanvitelliana. The proximity to the Unesco Heritage seems to inspire Francesco and the whole team to offer a unique and personal experience.

I Masanielli established itself over the years for the high quality and refinement of the selected raw materials as well as the visionary balance of the toppings and the maniacal care in cooking. But his greatest pride is the invention of the triple-cooked pizza. “Futuro di Marinara” is the name of his iconic Pizza, a symbol of this revolutionary new way of cooking!

“Everything I’ve done, wherever I’ve been in life, has led me to be who I am and has influenced all the choices I’ve made, but I’ve always had a clear idea in my mind of the pivotal goal of my entire career, the purpose for which I get up every day and continue to study and make dough, research: my mission is to create emotions.”

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Restaurant address: I Masanielli, Viale Giulio Dohuet, 11- 81100 – Caserta, Italy