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Gabriele Bonci



Born in Rome, Gabriele Bonci has been passionate about the world of gastronomy since he was a child. He followed the entire classic process of Italian cooks: he attended the hotel management institute, carried out some summer jobs in his school years and once graduated, Gabriele went around various restaurants in Rome starting from the renowned restaurant “Il Symposio”.

The experience in the professional kitchen made him discover his true calling. Bonci is at ease among the flours, close to an oven with very high temperatures, with a shovel in his hand.

The mystery of dough

2003 was the year he left his job with the opening of Pizzarium, one of the first establishments in Rome to use only organic products and meticulously research quality ingredients. It all starts with flour: forgotten cereals, ancient grains, all rigorously rich in fibers, with intact germs, ground with natural stone and an ancient mother yeast, regenerated for decades for a dough that has become legendary. 

Gabriele Bonci managed to patent a mixture of grains and cereals called “Pane di sempre”. With this mixture, he creates almost all his products: this way, he obtains airy, crunchy pizza with an intense flavor but at the same time light and delicate.

It all starts with flour

The flour used for his Pizza is all self-produced. Today there are about 60 hectares of cultivated land, one of its precious grains is the rare blue grain called “Mary’s mantle”. It takes its name from a blue reflection that appears at the end of its maturation, and the wheat fields recall the mantle of the Madonna.

The selection of condiments allows him to create incredible recipes, recipes that change daily, following the course of the seasons and the mood of the master. Basically, there are only three pizzas always present at Pizzarium: Margherita, the “pizza bianca” (simple focaccia), and one with potatoes.

The King of Roman Pizza

Gabriele is recognized as a symbol and source of inspiration for all lovers of Roman pizza. In 2012 after the great success of Pizzarium Gabriele decided to open the Panificio Bonci in his beloved city. In a few years, Gabriele became a celebrity, first in Italy and then worldwide thanks to his appearance in several television programs. He is called the King of Roman Pizza, the “pizza in teglia”. 

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Instagram: @bonci_gabriele

Restaurant website:

Restaurant address: Pizzarium, Via della Meloria, 43- 00136, Rome, Italy
Pancificio Bonci, Via Trionfale, 36- 00195, Rome, Italy