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Chef Grant Achatz is one of the most awarded and recognized chefs in the world. Known for his innovative, emotional, and modernist style of cuisine, the chef has given talks and lectures on gastronomy and design at conferences and universities around the world.

The progressive cuisine

Grant Achatz is also known as one of the leaders from molecular gastronomy or what we call the progressive cuisine. He began working in restaurants as soon as he could walk. His parents owned a diner in Michigan, and he spent his childhood years working alongside his family. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America at age 21, he spent a short time at Charlie Trotter’s before finding his mentor in chef Thomas Keller at the French Laundry. Grant worked for a total of 5 years at the French Laundry, eventually rising to sous chef.

During his time in California, he also spent a year working at La Jota vineyards. A short stage at elBulli in Spain was exceptionally influential and led Grant to seek out his first executive chef position at Trio in Evanston, IL. It was there that his creativity and desire to innovate flourished.

Redefining fine dining in America

In 2004, Grant partnered with restaurant neophyte, Nick Kokonas, to build his dream restaurant: Alinea. Together, they sought to redefine fine dining in America, questioning not only culinary concepts but also the guest experience, tableware design, and restaurant bookings. Since its opening, Alinea has been recognised with several awards. Universally praised for its innovative approach to modernist cuisine.

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Restaurant address: 1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614, USA