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Isabella De Cham


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Born and raised in the Sanità district, Naples, Isabella began her journey into restaurants and pizzerias at a very young age, moving between the tables and workbenches of the big names of the “white art” and especially fried pizza. 

Light pizza with bold toppings

Ambition to understand the secrets of a predominantly male profession, a lot of sacrifice and work went into making her come true: Isabella De Cham Pizza Fritta was born. Isabella soon got noticed. Her light and delicious fried pizza managed to get people talking a lot about her, immediately achieving acclaimed success that goes beyond the capital of Campania.

She experiments with flours, including wholemeal, mixed, and gluten-free cereals, as well as on doughs – with very high hydration and leavening, and dry and clean frying that enhances a light and delicious pizza. Her toppings always stand out thanks to the best quality ingredients and unusual combinations. There is no shortage of great classics of Neapolitan cuisine.

An almost all-female kitchen

According to Chef Isabella, coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.

“An all-female staff. The greatest pride is having given women the opportunity to work in a world made up of men. In my restaurant at the Healthcare, we started with an all-female staff, together with my lifelong friends we are carrying out this great project”

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Instagram: @isabella_de_cham @isabelladechampizzafritta 

Restaurant website:

Restaurant address: Via Arena della Sanità, 27. 80137 Naples, Italy