Pier Daniele Seu

Pier Daniele Seu



Pier Daniele was born and grew up in Rome, working with already famous pizza chefs in the capital city such as Gabriele Bonci who entrusted him to manage the pizzeria of the “Mercato Centrale” close to the Termini station, and Stefano Cellegari. After studies, research, and various experiences with Roman pizza, mattarelo, and classic Neapolitan pizza, he decided to create his own culinary experience.

Seu Pizza Illuminati 

Seu Pizza Illuminati is the creature of Pizza Chef Pier Daniele Seu and his wife and partner Valeria Zuppardo. Starting from the assumption of a perfect dough – light and airy, they developed a whole pizza concept that delivers exceptional pizzas with creative toppings. The focus on top-quality ingredients in a young, cool, yet elegant atmosphere.

The pizzeria opened in March 2018 in the Porta Portese neighborhood, a few steps away from the vibrant Trastevere area. Here the pizza, cooked in a wooden oven, is half-way between the fluffy, soft Neapolitan pizza and a typical of the Roman style – with a crunchy twist.

Thinking outside the box

Pier Daniele Seu’s contemporary pizza speaks a totally new, modern language. A very strong technique in the dough management and strong cooking techniques together with a Chef’s approach on toppings: these are the key elements to elevate Pizza from the low-key street food status to a high level, luxury culinary experience.

His Menu envisages inclusion, sharing and experimenting. He is always thinking outside of the box, always taking the pizza out of its context, elevating it. This makes Pier and his pizza so recognizable.


Instagram: @pierdanieleseu @seupizzailluminati

Restaurant website: https://www.seupizza.com/

Restaurant address: Seu Illiminati – Via Angelo Bargoni 10 – 18 – 00153 Rome, Italy
Il Caffe – Bulgari Hotel&Resorts- Jumeirah Bay Island, Jumeira 2- Dubai UAE
Seu Pizza con Vista – W Rome Hotel Via Liguria, 28, 00187 Rome, RM, Italy