Roberto Davanzo

Roberto Davanzo


Roberto Davanzo

BOB Alchimia a Spicchi was born in 2016 from the idea of Roberto and his partner Anna Rotella.

For Roberto Davanzo, it all started with a small takeaway pizzeria, with a counter dedicated to pizza in pala, and a bakery in the morning. Eight months later they expanded the place and built a room to consume pizza on site. In a few months, their work has already been celebrated with various awards, in particular for its versions of dessert pizza.

In 2020 the pizzeria changed the location and the menu expanded. Now we can order pizzas to share and there is a corner dedicated only to sweet pizzas. 

Local products, international vision

Roberto Davanzo never stops with dreams and actions. Always supported by his partner, he is always ready to jump into new challenges. 

His pizzas are a strong expression of his roots, using typical local products. Still, his vision is more than local, in terms of technique and execution. Roberto feels inspired by various chefs of the world scene, translating this into pizzas, such as his “Lode al Maestro”, a tribute to Massimo Bottura, and his famous dish, “The 5 seasonings and consistencies of Parmesan”. Despite the refinement of the raw materials, it is a popular dish and does not require formality and composure.


But one has always been the motto of Roberto and all his supporters: “mangiami con le mani” which means: eat me with your hands! For Roberto, in front of a pizza, we are all the same. 

“Using your hands to bring food to your mouth increases the time dedicated to meals, and you eat more slowly. A healthy habit that favors an optimal digestive process”

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Restaurant address: BOB Alchimia a Spicchi- Via Don Luigi Sturzo – 88060 Montepaone CZ, Italy