Moreno Cedroni - New Candidates 2022
Moreno Cedroni – New Candidates 2022

Moreno Cedroni

Madonnina del Pescatore

Moreno Cedroni is a 2 Michelin star chef, chef and padron of “La Madonnina del Pescatore” opened in 1983. Later, he has carried out other projects such as: Clandestion, Anikò and the Tunnel.

As one of Italy’s most celebrated and admired chefs, Moreno Cedroni has helped revolutionize the cuisine of his native country with an avant-garde cuisine focused mainly on the rich ingredients that come from the sea. Over the last 30 years, his creative work attentive to all the details and with precise techniques only helped to elevate his name to the highest level of the best Italian chefs.

Cedroni was only 20 years old when he decided to open, in 1984, his first restaurant, La Madonnina del Pescatore, in Senigallia – a port town which lies on Italy’s breathtaking Adriatic coast. No wonder that his recipes are centred on fish and mix fantasy within the skill of using perfect (and fresh) raw materials.

Each fish deserves its own preparation

For Cedroni, each fish deserves its own preparation. His delicate and creative recipes go from a raw amberjack served with a sauce of leeks and lemon grass, with violet and basil to a seafood lasagnetta.

In the last few years, the chef has been focused on his new ambitious project, The Tunnel. a research and development lab that aims to convey the best of technology applied to the cuisine.

Digging in the dark, to reach, at the bottom of The Tunnel

The Tunnel takes advantage of the best existing technology to bring the best results out of raw materials. In the lab, together with Chef Cedroni, there is the dedicated and precious presence of Luca Abbadir, sous Chef of Cedroni in La Madonnina del Pescatore. Several collaborations with universities and research institutes certify its nature of true experimentation. The team involved, every day, puts into play all its expertise in order to preserve the dignity of the raw materials by using technological tools without denaturing them, to enhance the flavours simply taking advantage of the properties of the food, to create new textures and perceptions, to avoid waste while respecting the environment.

“Everything starts from the go, digging in the dark, to reach, at the bottom of the tunnel, the moment in which a finished product with the qualities of nourishment, logic of pleasure and digestibility”

Instagram: @morenocedroni @madonnina_del_pescatore_
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Via Lungomare Italia, 11, 60019 Senigallia (An), Italy

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