Ákos Sárközi

Ákos Sárközi  - New Candidates 2022
Ákos Sárközi – New Candidates 2022

Ákos Sárközi


Ákos Sárközi learned to cook from his mother, and to this day he often draws inspiration from family recipes. At the beginning of his career, he lived daily life as a simple chef, and then, thanks to a lucky coincidence, he was admitted to the Alabárdos restaurant in the fall of 2006. This is where he first came across the concept of top gastronomy. During this period, a new approach to hospitality began to emerge in Hungary.

“I was introduced to new technologies and raw materials. These changes had a big impact on me: a new world unfolded. The couple of weeks spent in Vila Joya, Portugal, two Michelin-starred, were shocked by the need for similar hospitality in Hungary.”

In 2010, He got the opportunity to run the kitchen of a newly opened restaurant, the Wine Kitchen.

“I threw myself into the first job as a chef in my life with a lot of fear and excitement.”

A blend of a French-style bistro and a contemporary family restaurant

The cuisine of the restaurant situated near St. Stephen’s Basilica is based on fresh ingredients and on the weekly-fortnightly changing offers written on the black board.

As a blend of a French-style bistro and a contemporary family restaurant, Winekitchen is offering the best of Hungarian cuisine and a wide and diverse wine list. An assorted wine proposal, mostly Hungarian wines that represent not only the well-known wineries, but also small and yet-to-be-discovered cellars.

Restaurant philosophy

Can be defined as “free”, in many cases they want to draw from the flavours of Transylvanian cuisine, but they like to touch on the ingredients of other nations, whether we are talking about Spanish, French or Italian cuisine.
“I would like to show the diversity of the old Hungarian cuisine, using today’s approach and kitchen technology.”

Instagram: @sarkozi_akos_chef @borkonyha
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Borkonyha-177440305620096/
Web site: https://borkonyha.hu/en/ http://sarkoziakos.com/hu/page
Restaurant address: Budapest, Sas u 3, 1051 Hungary

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