Himanshu Saini

Himanshu Saini

Trèsind Studio

Indian legacy

Chef Himanshu Saini, as a young Delhi boy, learned the nuances of cooking from his mother. He spent much of his childhood in Old Delhi’s Sui Walan, known for its 100-year-old shops and markets, historical Mughal landmarks, and authentic street food. Then he joined Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology to hone his culinary skills. With the aim to make his mark with constant innovation and to change the perception of Indian cuisine, Chef Himanshu embarked on a journey to create innovative dishes, thereby elevating how we experience Indian food today.

“It’s difficult to describe Indian cuisine, because it feels like describing the cuisine of a whole continent”

Himanshu Saini

Considered one of the youngest tastemakers in Indian cuisine, Himanshu Saini was rewarded numerous awards. The restaurants have received a lot of love from the patrons and some of the most prominent critics and awards in the region: Trèsind, Carnival, and Trèsind Studio have received the Best Indian Restaurant by the Time Out, BBC Good Food, Fact Magazine, Leaders in F&B Awards, Hotel & Catering Awards & Masala! Awards.

More than modern

The chef says we need to be careful with the term “modern” as there are countless modern approaches to Indian food. His cuisine is more then just modern – it draws inspiration from the entire evolution of the Indian food. His aims to simplify complex cuisine so that everyone can understand it. You can feel the new and the familiar interacting in his dishes.

With the introduction of Trèsind Studio, an immersive and exclusive dining experience that offers a unique tasting menu that emphasizes on the balance of texture, flavor & spice, Chef Himanshu has been engaging in multiple culinary collaborations with international Chefs.

Instagram: @chefhimanshusaini @tresindstudio
Restaurant: https://tresindstudio.com/
Restaurant address: Rooftop East, Nakheel Mall, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

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