Corey Lee

Corey Lee


Corey Lee, born in Korea, trained a chef in America. Born in South Korea, Lee moved to the United States with his family as a child and grew up in New York and California. After graduating from college with a degree in literature, he discovered his passion for cooking. He began training at some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants.

Corey Lee means “Wise from the East”

After returning to the United States, he opened his own restaurant, Benu, in San Francisco. The place quickly gained critical acclaim. This is a great place that is famous for its modern and innovative approach to Asian cuisine, combining traditional ingredients and techniques with modern cooking methods. The chef himself is passionate and calmly and calmly introduces guests to his world of colors and Asian flavors.

New ideas, amazing concept

Chef Corey is still developing and does not stand still. He opens successful restaurants. He takes new ideas to the workshop and creates unique concepts. In one of them, he reconstructs the dishes of his masters, with whom he had the opportunity to train in his youth. At SFMOMA, it offers a rotating menu, sort of a collection of institutions. The aim of this concept is to highlight the pinnacle moments in modern and contemporary cuisine in the same way as an exhibition exploring the artistic genre, showcasing its greatest talents.

Corey Lee has made a significant impact on the culinary world with his innovative approach to the kitchen and commitment to pushing the boundaries of cooking.

Instagram: @clee_benu @benu_sf
Restaurant website:
Restaurant address: 22 Hawthorne Street San Francisco CA 94105 USA

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