Mauro Colagreco

Mauro Colagreco


The journey from Mauro Colagreco’s native Argentina to the French Riviera was exciting, but above all, it was a path of discoveries, ambitions, learning, and hard work.

Settled in Menton since 2006 with his family, Chef Mauro Colagreco built Mirazur. It’s not just a restaurant; Mirazur is a Mediterranean property, a way of life, a way of thinking, and living with nature at the center of attention. Chef Mauro’s cuisine goes beyond seasons and regions; it is a mirror image of his courage and vision. A valuable ingredient in his kitchen is time and the cycle of nature. A chef without borders, constantly on the move, seeking perfection in all its simplicity.

Natural cycle

“Since my arrival on the French Riviera, I have tried to work in harmony with the land and ecosystem of our region. It is more important than ever to choose local products grown with the greatest respect for natural cycles and seasonality. I am lucky enough to have five biodynamic gardens that are a constant source of inspiration for our culinary creations – our gardens set the pace.”

Mauro Colagreco

Thirsty for knowledge and with a great appetite for life, Mauro Colagreco realizes his dream of putting care for the Earth at the center of his work. In 2022, he was appointed a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity.

Instagram: @maurocolagreco @restaurantmirazur
Restaurant address: 30, avenue Aristide Briand, 06500 Menton, France

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