Paco Roncero

Paco Roncero

Paco Roncero Restaurante

Paco Roncero is a famous Spanish chef who was born in Madrid. He was interested in cooking from an early age. After graduating from culinary studies, Roncero worked in several renowned restaurants in Spain and France.

Avant-garde interiors and exceptional cuisine

In 2006, Roncero opened his own restaurant, Paco Roncero Restaurante, in the Casino de Madrid. Amazing interior – colorful dining room in geometric shapes, enjoy your eyes with its uniqueness supplemented with amazing chandeliers and conventions of playing with art. Roncerno is renowned for its innovative and avant-garde style of cooking. He uses techniques such as molecular gastronomy to create unique and visually stunning dishes.

This place has gained recognition from both critics and visitors. Then chef Pako opened another restaurant – Sublimotion.

A sensual, interdisciplinary experience

Sublimotion is a restaurant concept developed by Paco Roncero, known for his immersive dining experience. The restaurant is located in Ibiza, Spain and offers a unique culinary journey that combines food, technology and sensory elements to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

During the experience, the chef takes guests on a multi-sensory journey where food is accompanied by sounds, images and other sensory elements.

In addition to running his own restaurant, Roncero was also involved in several other culinary projects, including he collaborated with the Ferran Adrià Foundation and was the creative director of the NH Collection Hotels gastronomy department.

Instagram: : @pacoroncero @pacoroncerorestaurante
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Restaurant address: C. de Alcalá, 15, 28014 Madrid, Spain

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