Pía León

Pía León


Pía León is a Peruvian chef. The turning point for León came when she heard that a local chef was opening a promising new restaurant in Lima, Central. In this way, over five years of work and constant learning, she became an excellent chef – the right hand of chef Virgilio Martínez.

She later became a chef at Central’s sister restaurant, Kjolle, which she founded with her husband, Virgilio Martinez. At Kjolle, León’s cuisine is focused on celebrating the unique diversity of Peruvian ingredients and flavors. Her dishes are often inspired by childhood memories and travels around Peru.

León has been recognized for her culinary talent and innovation with numerous awards, including the title of “Best Female Chef” in Latin America. She continues to push the boundaries of Peruvian cuisine. Her commitment to celebrating and preserving the country’s culinary heritage has made her one of Latin America’s most influential chefs.

In addition to her work in the kitchen, León is also involved in several social and environmental projects, including supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Instagram: @pialeonkjolle @kjollerest
Restaurant website: https://kjolle.com/default.html
Restaurant address: Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco, Lima, Peru

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