Mingoo Kang

Mingoo Kang


Korean-born chef Mingoo Kang started cooking abroad. It was then that he discovered that his country’s cuisine was relatively unknown or misinterpreted in other parts of the world.

“I had a vision of introducing a new kind of Korean cuisine abroad – one that emphasizes the essence of traditional Korean cuisine and that both Koreans and foreigners will enjoy”

Mingoo Kang

Over the years of working abroad, Kang became the youngest chef in Nobu Bahama when he was still 30 years old. He also trained under the guidance of the famous Spanish chef Martin Berasategui, considered one of the leading figures of contemporary Basque cuisine.

Despite amassing a wealth of culinary knowledge while traveling the world, Kang felt that his understanding of Korean cuisine was not as deep and thorough as he would have liked. After returning to Seoul, where he gained valuable professional experience around the world, Kang focused on Korean cuisine and traditional temple cuisine,

A new way to enjoy Korean cuisine”

In 2014, he opened his Mingles restaurant. This is the place where he showed his original style of combining Eastern and Western cuisine and techniques. He consulted his philosophy with local culinary experts, including Buddhist monk Jeong Kwan and respected chef Cho Hee-sook.

Building on his culinary heritage, Kang uses jang – three traditional Korean fermented sauces and seasonal local herbs. And all this to capture the authentic Korean flavors. While Mingles’ inspired seven-course tasting menu honors traditional hansik, it also showcases Kang’s technical expertise, creative flair and international background.

Combining contrasting elements into harmony

Mingles is considered one of the must-visit restaurants for both foreign visitors and locals. The restaurant is known for its original reinterpretations of Korean cuisine. The tradition has an endless variety of regional dishes and has garnered many positive reviews along the way.

Instagram: @mingleseoul @mingles_restaurant
Restaurant website: http://www.restaurant-mingles.com/
Restaurant address: Chungdam dong 94-6, Seoul, South Korea

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