Marco Müller

Marco Müller


As a born Berliner, Marco Müller was passionate about nature from an early age. Memories of my grandfather’s garden are still vivid. The spirit of adventure, curiosity, closeness to nature, and in-depth product analysis are part of Marco Müller’s philosophy.

His restaurant RUTZ is a city institution and, at the same time, a showcase. Questioning products and ways of preparing them, attachment to the region and season, close cooperation with regional producers, and proximity to producers are reflected in his “Nature & Aromas” menu.

“Everything should have its season. Especially in times when the product range is reduced, what the kitchen can do shows.” says chef Müller.

Marco Müller

Lightness, tension, depth, and balance

Only the freshest ingredients go to his kitchen – where they come from and how they are produced is crucial. Leaves, buds, shoots, roots, wood, resins, berries – such treasures are an inexhaustible source of new ideas and compositions. In his dishes, he always focuses on the product, unadulterated and intense. Müller ignites a firework of ideas that are characterized by lightness, tension, depth, and balance – perfectly combined.

There is no doubt that Marco Müller is one of the most creative and innovative chefs in Germany. It stays true to its line but at the same time underlines the growing awareness of sustainability, authenticity, and craftsmanship. Maintaining and improving seasonal, traditional dishes is not a zeitgeist, but rather a vision. Marco Müller, the aroma architect, has his own unique signature. His light, balanced cuisine does not focus on luxury, but on contrasts, flavors, vegetables, and expressive stocks.

As one of the members of Berlin’s chef community, Marco enjoys an excellent reputation, and as a mentor, his restaurant RUTZ has produced exceptional talents such as Billy Wagner and Christoph Geyler.

Instagram: @marco_mueller_rutz @rutz_restaurant_berlin
Restaurant website:
Restaurant address: Chausseestraße 8,10115 Berlin, Germany

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