Bruno Verjus

Bruno Verjus


Bruno Verjus was born in Roanne in the Loire, a town known for its strong culinary culture and the bounty of its wilderness. Table’s Chef Patron Bruno Verjus has dedicated his life to food. Before he opened the Table restaurant he used to be a critic, food writer, and winemaker. 

“The products are the actors of my cooking”

Through the years he seemed to have identified the best producers which he now invites guests to enjoy. He let the ingredients shine so the dishes might look simple – like the tomato salad. However, when you taste it you understand that there’s a lot of thinking behind all ingredients and how to keep focus on them.

One also understands what great suppliers he has when ingredients are that delicious. Chef Bruno Verjus is also not afraid to think differently and adds delicate spices like saffron in Marsala cream to enhance the flavor of a fish.

Chef’s Philosophy

The menu is focused and changes accordingly depending on what can be sourced from the top producers. 

“Every day, at Table, my restaurant, I refine a new cuisine that I want to be consistent with this vitality of the products. I’ll tell you right off the bat: I don’t like to call them ingredients. It would be to deny their personality. Make extras out of them. A product is the sacred alliance of a material and a character. This is the best nature, together with man, can provide. The art of feeding is built on respect for products and producers.”

Instagram: @bruno_verjus
Restaurant website:
Restaurant address: 3 Rue de Prague, 75012 Paris, France

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