Riccardo Camanini

Riccardo Camanini


Born in 1973, Bergamasco, Ricardo Camanini has in his curriculum the Albereta of Erbusco with Gualtiero Marchesi, Le Manoir aux Quat Saison with Raimond Blanc, La Grande Cascade in Paris with Jean Louis, and the Villa Fiordaliso, in Gardone Riviera, interspersed with incursions in various cuisines around Europe, and then in 2014 at Lido 84, again at Gardone Riviera, after 6 months from the opening gets his first important award.

Where mountains meet the lake

The town of Gardone Riviera, located in the western part of Lake Garda, is like a huge, luxuriant garden. In fact, Gardone is situated at the beginning of the stunning ″Lemon Trees Riviera″, surrounded by camphor trees and oleanders, bougainvillea, and olive trees.

This part of Northern Italy where mountains meet the lake provides Riccardo Camanini with a beautifully rich range of ingredients. The raw mountain milk is used to produce the Fior di latte ice cream, Bagòss cheese for the tortellini, Stracchino cheese, and sardines for the risotto, eel, olive oil, lemons, and Wisteria flowers for desserts.

A sincere passion for hospitality

Riccardo’s vision of gastronomy allies the most exquisite refinement with a sincere passion for hospitality. His cuisine evokes antique flavors: it is a journey through the interiors of Riccardo’s youth and as perfumed as the warm zabaglione that accompanies his Torta delle rose. 

In each dish, the technique obeys an extremely strong poetic approach. Thus, the respect for the produce always combines with the most imaginative outburst, like in the silvan symphony played by the Rice, fermented black garlic and red fruits or the ″Transalpine Romanity″ embodied by the Cacio e pepe cooked in a pig’s bladder.

Instagram: @ristorantelido84
Restaurant website: https://www.ristorantelido84.com/en/home-2/
Restaurant address: Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, 196, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS, Italy

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