Hiroyasu Kawate

Hiroyasu Kawate


Tall white hats

In his childhood, Hiroyasu Kawate used to watch his father, a Chef. He already knew that he wanted to devote himself to gastronomy. He also enjoyed the look of the big white chef hats he saw on his parent’s heads while making yoshoku. Such hats – toque – were characteristic of Western cooks, which contributed to his choice of French cuisine.

Hiroyasu Kawate trained both at Ebis QEDCLUB, Ohara et Cie, and at Le Bourguignon in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo. He worked at Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier and then became assistant chef at Tokyo’s Quintessence restaurant alongside chef Shuzo Kishida.

Reinterpretation of French cuisine and… leftovers

His own restaurant, Kawate, which opened in 2009, was famous not only for its unusual flavors but also for being mysterious. Its philosophy focuses on interpreting French cuisine using Japanese local food. The quality and origin of the ingredients are the keys here: Chef Hirosyasu wants to know personally each producer he buys from. In addition, Kawate likes to play with texture and temperature.

Hiroyasu Kawate is characterized by great talent and equally great modesty. He has always been devoted to the planet – in Japan a lot of food is wasted and as a chef, he feels responsible to change this. What is more, as a father, he wants to leave a better planet for his children. His French-Japanese dishes are elegant but also ethical, like vegetable broth made from yesterday’s leftovers. He tries to use each element of the product creatively.

Instagram: @hiroyasu_kawate @restaurant_florilege/
Restaurant website: https://www.aoyama-florilege.jp/en/
Restaurant address: B1 SEIZAN Gaien, 2-5-4, Jingumae, Shibuya ward, Tokyo, Japan

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