Jonnie Boer

Jonnie Boer

De Librije

Jonnie Boer is an award-winning Dutch chef and co-owner of the De Librije restaurant in Zwolle, the Netherlands. He runs it with his wife and business partner Thérèse Boer. He started his professional career in the kitchen of his parents’ hotel and restaurant, where he learned traditional Dutch cuisine.

Historic and exciting place

De Librije is located in a historic building in the heart of Zwolle in the Netherlands A building dating back to the 18th century. Originally a women’s prison, it was later used as a city archive. When the Boers decided to open their restaurant, they fell in love with the building’s rich history and decided to keep its original features, including iron bars on the windows and high ceilings.

Non-conformist, innovator

And above all, devoted to nature and its cyclical nature, seasonality and what it has to offer. Although it is currently a trend, it is a habit for a chef – since he started cooking, he goes out into nature every day to pick and collect flowers, plants or mushrooms. Boer is known for its innovative approach to traditional Dutch cuisine. In addition, he is a perfectionist, which shows in the presentation of his dishes.

In addition to his work at De Librije, Boer is also involved in various culinary projects, including a line of artisanal food products and a cooking school.

Instagram: @delibrijezwolle @jonnie_en_therese
Restaurant website:
Restaurant address: Spinhuisplein 1, 8011 ZZ Zwolle, Netherlands

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