Danny Yip

Danny Yip

The Chairman Restaurant

A pioneer of Chinese fine dining

The Cahirman, where Danny Yip is the Chef, is located in a Sheung Wan back street. It’s a low-key, family-style restaurant with unflashy decor, a short wine list, and a generally unpretentious feel. Instead of bells and whistles, the focus is firmly on the food, putting a twist on tradition with a creative menu of updated Cantonese classics, and placing the emphasis on ultra-fresh ingredients with an own farm in Hong Kong.

Yip originally worked as a restaurateur in Australia, setting up a group of Asian restaurants in Canberra including Chairman & Yip, which he left in 1997 but which still exists today.

The Chairman aspires to continue this legacy.

Cantonese cuisine has a history of two thousand years. Today it has evolved to become the most popular and widely influential cuisine among the “eight culinary classical styles” of China. The reason for its success boils down to one keyword: “freshness”.

“We believe that as long as the ingredients are fresh, the sauces are outstanding, simple cooking will rule. Poultry and seafood all taste exactly as they should be. This is what Cantonese cuisine is all about.”

Danny Yip

Instagram: @thechairmanrestauranthk
Restaurant web site: https://www.thechairmangroup.com/
Restaurant address: 3rd floor, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

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