Atsushi Tanaka

Atsushi Tanaka


The Franco-Japanese chef continues to simultaneously entice and challenge Parisian palettes with the progressive, artistic, and dynamic cuisine that is served at Restaurant A.T. Atsushi Tanaka’s cuisine is not Japanese. Neither is it Spanish, Scandinavian, nor Parisian—although he spent much of his life developing and perfecting his art in these different regions. Many European culinary techniques, including molecular cuisine, Nordic cuisine, and French classicism strongly influenced his cuisine. When it comes to categorizing his culinary identity, the chef simply answers: “impossible.”

His impressive career has taken him to Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, Quique Dacosta in Alicante, Pastorale, Sergio Herman, and Slius, as well as to the most famous Scandinavian restaurants including Geranium in Copenhagen, Frantzen and Oaxen Krog in Stockholm. 

These enriching experiences have allowed Atsushi Tanaka to build his gastronomic identity and approach his interpretation of the great classics from a new angle.

Innovative play on volumes

Chef Atsushi Tanaka opened his first restaurant, A.T., in April 2014, just a few meters down from the famous Tour d’Argent. Daring combinations, virtuoso cooking techniques, unique textures, and an innovative play on volumes. 

Variations in textures and interpretations of the same ingredient within the same dish are also intrinsic to his cuisine—take, for example, his famous “Camouflage” one of his signature dishes, which buries a fillet of arctic char under shards of solid parsley and juniper.

A poetic mix of tastes and colors

These creations are all composed of certified organic and natural produce, sourced directly from the producers by Tanaka himself. Seafood comes from Normandy or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and fruits and vegetables from the Loire, Jura or Ile-de-France regions. The chef also uses herbs and wildflower gatherers such as Pierre-Édouard Robine to season, accompany, and enhance his compositions.

“For me, cooking is an art form. I need design. I need my food to be beautiful and tasty at the same time.”

Atsushi Tanaka

Instagram: @atsushitanaka360 @restaurant_at
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Restaurant address: 4bis Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris, France

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