Jason Liu

Jason Liu

Ling Long

Jason Liu grew up in Taiwan. The flavors and aromas of Taipei’s wet markets and regional Chinese restaurants are the very soul of his cooking. After cooking professionally in famed French Kitchens for many years, Chef Jason added reduction techniques to his repertoire, giving him the power to extract, refine, and redefine the flavors of his dishes. Most recently, he returned to Beijing after a year-long sabbatical traveling across China, tasting, experiencing, and pondering the beauty of China’s many regional cuisines. 

Ling Long’s key visionary

Respecting tradition and challenging orthodoxy are the main components of Ling Long’s visionary new style. Putting a modern Western twist on Chinese ingredients and cooking, Ling Long does not intend to disrespect tradition, but rather, in tribute to our roots, foundation, and antecedents, offer a new vision that pushes us forward into the exciting unknown.

The menu is a nostalgic journey back to Chef Jason’s childhood and across China. Each dish showcases a French presentation, but every flavor is unmistakably familiar. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally, including beef from Shandong, oyster sauce, and fermented condiments which are all made in-house.

Instagram: @hesen_liu @restaurant_linglong
Restaurant web site: http://www.ling-long.com.cn/
Restaurant address: 3F, STEY-Sanlitun Hotel, BEI Zhaolong, 2 Gongrentiyuchang North Road, Beijing, China

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